Wednesday, March 01, 2017

JIO Effect - M&A Will Leave Just 5 Mobile Operators in India

If you see it correctly, Reliance Industries backed Jio had made a turbulence in the Indian telecom market. On the consumers' table Jio is playing by offering free data voice and digital services - which is actually disrupting the market by price game and service front. Jio continues to offer free services and extends it upto March 31, 2017 inspite of the complaints by the incumbents.

When we came to know about the existence of Jio, that's back in 2010 while Reliance Industries acquired pan India broadband spectrum winner Infotel Broadband (owned by Nahatas) just after the auction ended. RIL owned Infotel Broadband has gone through the makeover and it's now Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd, a platform to offer digital services including 4G/LTE voice, LTE data, mobile TV, online music and movies, news, fiber broadband and many more. The plethora of RJIL services are being now offered under simple branding of 'JIO'.

We all know these, but in 2010 Indian telecom market was exploding with 12-13 operators in each circles. However in 2012 February Supreme Court cancelled the licenses issued in 2008; as a result many operators shut their stores across the country or partially - STel, Cheers Mobile left the business. MTS India, Videocon, Tata Docomo stopped services in few circles, Loop did not renew licenses and was sold to Airtel. After 2012, India's telecom sector had handful of operators - Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, MTNL, Reliance Communications, Reliance Jio, Tata Docomo, Aircel, Telenor, MTS India and Videocon. (last 4 operators did not have pan India spectrum)

From 2010 to 2015 - every year I had a talk with Tarun, the founder of Telecomtalk that 'yeh saal sayed Mukesh Jio 4G launch karega' but it did not happen. In February 2015 Jio brought Jionet WiFi at Kolkata and therefore Jionet WiFi was extending to other cities too. However after the Q1 of 2016 we were getting hints that Jio is now on its way to launch LTE to aam admi very soon.

Personal Experience to Handle Post-intoxication Hangover

If you started drinking alcohols in your teen days and if you are near 30 you can see the difference when you are much drunk. You can't take the over-drinking much these days and oh fuck! that's hangover.

I am 27 right now, and I had started my social drinking at around 19. These days I hate the hangover more.

One of the reason we are facing hangover more because of liver's making two specific enzymes in a lower rate.

Prevention is better than cure:

1. Drink on such a day, you can take rest on the next day.
2. Judicious drinking - I prefer 3 pegs and not more at a go.
3. Drink water in the gaps.
4. Slow the drinking process, take your time. Relax and drink.
5. Don't fucking mix up. One glass of cocktail or one type of cocktail is okay but don't have many types of alcohols. If you mix up beer, whiskey and rum you will be doomed.
6. Slow down alcohol absorption rate in your body by taking water as told already. Remember protein chunks like chicken, beef or pork portions also help by slowing down it. So little bit oily starters do actually help to 'digest' alcohol.

Once you are fucked to have hangover:

1. Rest and take sleep if possible. It's often not possible as you have jobs to do.

2. Water, water and water: Drink water, hydrate your body

3. Fruits or juices: Go for a coconut water at the begining. Among fruits - orange, mushambi, apple, bananas are great.

4. Breakfast - skip or not - I in generally skip it but go for bunch at 11 am around with more fruits, chickens and others.

5. Proteins - Eggs - boiled/omelette or chicken soup can help.

6. Tea - herbal or green tea. I am not a tea lover, but I can tell you one secret - don't go for a coffee - it will further dehydrate you. Next don't drink a tea with milk - it might increase bloating and gastric upset. ( but cold milk is good in hangover unless you have lactose tolerance issue).

7. PPI - Hangover can be worsened with the gastric upset, so PPI can be a help. However I always use the combination of PPI+PKA (Proton pump inhibitors + Prokinetic Agents) in combination. Esomeprazole and Domperidon's combo seems to be best option.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jio RED Starter Kit

Jio has launched a new colored starter kits - Red, after Orange and Blue.

Just have a look :

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jio Brings Happy New Year Offer, Free Services til 31st March 2017

As Jio promised to extend its free offerings to the subscribers til 31st March 2017, we are now getting texts from Jio regarding that too.

MyJio app also started showing migration notice: 

Monday, December 26, 2016

5 Roadblocks for Jio to Win over Incumbents

Jio, the digital platform from the house of Reliance Industries has shaken the Indian telecom and digital scenario in a way which nobody can ignore. India’s business tycoon Mukesh Ambani’s ambitious greenfield telecom project Jio is being targeted as a digital platform over Jio’s own LTE network expanding over 2300MHz, 1800MHz and 850MHz.

However Jio’s datagiri sees roadblocks in many ways, so that the company has to extend its unlimited offerings for another 3 months til 31st of March, 2017.

Voice Network Yet to be Stable

Unlike existing players who depend on 2G/3G networks for voice calls Jio offers voice over LTE network. Though technically Jio’s VoLTE is better than traditional voice network there are many glitches which are experienced by subscribers of Jio. Jio did a great job to open up the interconnectivity between other operators after a fight but that’s not enough.

For example I often can’t make calls when data connectivity is on, I need to switch off data before making the call. Sometimes there is no sound during a call.

Being voice is the major applications on a telecom network, nobody would make Jio as their primary connection, rather use others who have stable voice network.

Coverage Issues

Jio on its first go, have covered almost 70-80% of areas but in many places it has no network. During my travel to Harit, 30km away from Kolkata there is no Jio network. Similar to this Bakkhali, a popular beach in West Bengal has no Jio 4G coverage.

However this is the initial days of Jio and they will definitely iron out coverage issues.

Technical Help is Almost Nil

Apart from Reliance Digital Stores and toll free helplines Jio subscribers have nowhere to go to seek help. But I often faced the situation where Digital guys could not solve the problems.

Jio need to take care of it, very seriously. They should use the social media to tackle issues of subscribers like Airtel, Vodafone and others as they use Twitter to reach customers and solve their problems.

Competition from Others

Thankfully launch of Jio brings super affordable data & voice services from almost all operators. Airtel, Vodafone & Idea has responded accordingly and the game is not won by Jio. Price game is yet to work for Jio and Jio remains to be the second SIM on our daily usage.

If you follow Airtel’s latest traffic revision, they are offering unlimited calls & 1GB data at Rs 350 approx. and 4GB data at Rs 250. So in total for Rs 600 you are getting offers similar to Jio on a stable (if not superior) network.

Slow Data Network

Lastly we must talk about Jio’s slower data services on its legacy LTE network. As Jio’s services are free, nobody is nagging regarding it. But it’s an important issue that Jio must resolve before subscribers start paying for it. Right now on my personal experience Airtel & Vodafone’s 3G & 4G services are better in terms of speed and stability.

Many may think that I am too much negative and getting harsh on this new baby of Indian telecom, for them I had something to say: this new boy has country's richest dad, so don't spoil him.

The article was first published on on 21st Dec, 2016.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Indian Rail's UTS App for Suburban Ticket Booking

Indian Rail has introduced a new app - UTS for suburabn ticket booking. I found it immensely helpful.

However few days back I found that I could not log in to buy a ticket. Instead I am getting this message:

Please Login using registered Handset or give Handset Change Request from website

Though I did not change my mobile, the error occured. The issue is solved after logging in to that mentioned website and requesting handset change option.

But there is a catch, the process did not work on mobile, I had to open that link on laptop and log in to do so. 

Sunday, December 04, 2016

[Press Release] Now Donate Digitally with FreeCharge

Akshaya Patra, MagicBus tie-up with FreeCharge in the Season of Joy
Donors and NGOs go cashless to continue their support

National, December 02, 2016:  It is the season to share the joy and spread some smiles. It is also the time when the cold weather in parts of the country makes life harder for the under-privileged. The demonetization move has suddenly impacted the ability of NGOs to receive contributions from willing donors. 

In such times, FreeCharge, India’s fastest growing digital payments platform, is doing its bit to help create digital donations bridges through its app. In a recently launched feature, it now has a “Donate” button on its app, through which FreeCharge users can make instant donations to leading NGOs in the country. The Akshaya Patra Foundation; Magic Bus India Foundation; GiveIndia powered - Maitri India, Foundation for Mother and Child Health, Abhoy Mission; other NGOs and Nizamuddin Dargah are already live on FreeCharge. Many more NGOs catering to the causes such as children’s education, mother and child care, care for the elderly will get added over the next few weeks.

Commenting on FreeCharge’s donations category, Mr. Govind Rajan, CEO, FreeCharge said, “Our users had reached out to us expressing their desire to be able to donate through FreeCharge. Volunteers in our product and technology team worked to roll out this feature quickly. Use of digital wallets for nonprofit contributions is a great idea that helps users stay connected with the causes they care for, in a seamless manner. In the past few days, hundreds of users have connected with us requesting to add NGOs of their choice and we are in the process of making that happen.