Saturday, September 24, 2016

JIO Data Speed Fell Drastically within 3 Weeks of Launch Announcement

I am bit hurry while typing down this story. Let's cut it short, for last 3 days I found that JIO's downlink is quite slow, and very much slow whenever I go indoor and Jio LTE moves to LTE1800 or LTE850.

Using the Jio's Netvelocity app, I checked out all three LTE frequencies - Band 40/Band 3/Band 5

Location : Barrackpore
Time : 00:00 to 01:00 am, 2016-09-24

Friday, September 09, 2016

Telecom Update: Airtel is Ahead of the Curve, PSTN to All-IP Upgrade

When the commercial launch of Jio was announced with a bang, it basically hit all mobile operators of India. Big three of Indian telecom - A-Vo-Id will be hit severely in coming days. However right now Airtel is in the best position among them to fight back to Jio.

1. Pan India LTE presence & 2300MHz in 17 circles 

Airtel has 20MHz x 2300MHz spectrum in 17 circles and in all circles they have complimentary 1800MHz spectrum for LTE roll out.

Vodafone & Idea have no spectrum in 2300MHz and they are rolling out LTE/4G on just 5MHz of 1800MHz band.

2. Airtel will spend less on spectrum in future

With this much of spectrum bank, Airtel will have to spend less in near future to buy out spectrum.

In the upcoming spectrum auction in October this year Vodafone & Idea will shell out money to buy the LTE compatible spectrum. Also they will have to spend a huge to roll out LTE, while Airtel has better LTE coverage than the duo.

3. LTE-A by Airtel 

To counter act Jio, Airtel has launched faster LTE Advanced in Mumbai & Bengaluru which can offer upto 135Mbps downlink. LTE-A is actually a software upgrade for carrier aggregation - 20MHz 2300MHz + 5MHz 1800MHz.

While Vodafone and Idea are away from such things for atleast 1 year. They have to acquire more spectrum in upcoming auction and then they have to deploy the technology and then only they can offer such things.

For Jio carrier aggregation would be easier - they have LTE over 2300/1800/850MHz already and just a click they will begin offering LTE-A in all circles.

PSTN to All-IP Upgrade becomes a Reality

Nokia and Orange Polska had a succesful pilot project to migrate 4,000 subscribers on legacy public switched telephone network (PSTN) to all-IP unified network in a suburban area of Warsaw using Nokia’s PSTN Smart Transform solution. As the officials said, the migration will help to support current and future broadband needs as well as IP-based voice services and significant operational benefits including energy savings and real estate optimization.

This may be helpful for BSNL who is struggling across the country on all turfs - be it landline, wired broadband, or mobile voice & data. 

Is Jio Doing a Google Thing in India?

With the announcement of commercial launch of Jio in India, it is now time for the operators to re-think their position in the market. Over the years telcos were providing services on their networks and now they are fat with the traditional voice calls and texts. As Mukesh Ambani explains it as 'Datagiri' it is actually the network capacity and reach of network will define how strong is the mobile operator.

Along with LTE network (both TDD & FDD over 2300 MHz and 1800/850MHz) for mobile services, Jio will roll out nearly 1 million WiFi hotspots across country by middle of 2017. Jio's LTE and WiFi Hotspots are backed by enormous fiber backbone. What I want say that Jio will upkick level of India's telecommunications to something which developed nations are enjoying.

Project Fi - Google's MVNO in US:

In US Google is doing similar thing without owning a network. In April 2015, Google has launched its MVNO services in US under the branding of 'Project Fi' which connects the user to best WiFi or cellular networks (backed by Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Three). Google announced LTE/HSPA+ roaming in Europe for Project Fi users in February 2016, while international roaming is available over 135 countries as of now.

For roaming in Europe for Project Fi users in July this year Google had made a deal with Hue to use different operators across the continent. However as per a Hue spokesperson the arrangement does not cover markets where Hutchison lacks a network presence.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jio's Wireless Data Goes Commercial, Jio MyFi Review

While we are waiting for Jio to announce its commercial launch, Jio has actually launched part of its services commercially. That's data services i.e. wireless broadband from Jio via WiFi hotspots has already been launched.

Though Jio has kept mum, almost 2 weeks back all Reliance Digital stores started selling MiFi devices with out any invitation, referral codes or anything. You walk into the store, pay Rs 2899, Rs 1999, submit your ID proof and a passport size photo and you get the device. But the device does not come with a SIM card itself, rather you will get the SIM once your KYC documents are verified.

 ** Update: On 1st September Mukesh Ambani has removed the curtain over Jio. Jio services will be free to all customers till 31st December 2016. Post that you can use Jio prepaid or postpaid plans. The plans are coming with unlimited voice & text, plus data (with unlimited data in night and WiFi data to be used on JioNet public WiFi networks). 

Once verified you will get a text from Jio on your mobile and then visit the store again to collect the SIM. This whole procedure takes 3-4 days generally, but it might take upto 10 days. In my case I got the text on 6th day. Note that you can't select a number - Jio will allot a no. to you.

Vodafone 3G vs 4G : Review at Kolkata

Last week I made my first MNP - ported my Tata Docomo prepaid GSM number to Vodafone prepaid. The reason behind porting was Tata Docomo has no 3G in Kolkata. The process was pretty fast - I generated porting code on 2nd August and submitted at Vodafone store that day. On 5th Tata Docomo SIM got switched off and Vodafone SIM is activated on the same day after televerification.

The Vodafone SIM card I received, is a 4G enabled SIM. So I planned for a 4G vs 3G speed test on Vodafone.

During the televerification I was told that using MyVodafone app will get me 100MB 3G/4G data. However I received the data on 13th and made some speedtests using app and Jio's NetVelocity app.

Location: Barrackpore, Kolkata. [indoor]
Time: approx 8pm, 13.08.2016

Speedtest.Net Results: 

on 3G:

on 4G:

So from the above screenshots, it's clear that Vodafone 4G has not much edge over the company's 3G network. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Discussion : Future of Tikona

In the begining of August this year Tikona got nod from the Finance Ministry on the basis of the recommendations made by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), for the issuance of CCDs worth Rs 267 crore thereby increasing foreign equity to 76.73 per cent. It means Tikona can now attract FDI of Rs 267 crore. By the last week of August, Tikona has raised $171 million for import of capital goods, as reported.

Founded in 2008, Tikona is brain child of Prakash Bajpai who is founder, MD and CEO of the company. Tikona is funded by several private equity companies.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Telenor Expanding 4G in India, Now in 13 Cities

Telenor India is expanding its 4G/LTE services in its operational circles very fast. In February this year Telenor had said that they will roll out 4G services on their existing 4G-compatible 1800MHz band and they started the field trial with Huawei's LeanGSM technologies. In March Telenor has entered into 4G space by introducing 4G in Varanasi. 

In 5 months Telenor has been rapidly increasing the 4G footprint. Right now in 6 circles Telenor 4G is live with coverage in 16 cities as of now.